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Five Roadblocks and the Ways to Remove Them

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describe the image30 Doses of Marketing Success

This “best of” collection includes tips on research, customer service, pricing, media relations, strategic storytelling and street-level sales.

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“Readers should not be intimidated by this book. It’s a comfortable read, very practical, not heavy on theory or hard-to-imagine concepts.”
— Roby Brock, Producer and Host of ‘Talk Business’

“The author does a nice job of exploring a number of marketing-related topics in a concise way, bringing his business experience to bear on timely subjects (social media, celebrity endorsements, the success of Snuggies) as well as perennial issues for marketing (how to make sales conversations effective, how to weigh surveys and their results, how to obtain corporate sponsorships)…The writing is conversational, down to earth, and approachable, but also professional and full of expertise. The author's sense of humor is also appreciated and makes the book thoroughly enjoyable to read. Readers are likely to feel they're having a conversation in the copy room with their favorite leader—one of those engaging conversations about work that reenergizes and inspires innovative new ideas about how to connect with your customer and approach situations differently with proven best practices.”
— review on Amazon.com

“The book offers a common sense approach to a range of marketing issues. The book offers a wide range of tips and ideas that really get you thinking on some very relevant marketing issues. The book’s conversational style enables you to cover a lot of ground in a very short period of time. The chapter "The Sound of Carelessness", which discusses the challenges some companies have had naming their products and/or services, is sure to bring a smile. An informative, fun read.”
— review on Amazon.com