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Jim Karrh helps organizations prosper through consumer and customer research, executive alignment, strategy implementation, and messaging. Our goal is to provide actionable assistance that is objective, informed, and clear.

Our work is highly collaborative in nature, involving a client’s people and resources with a result of transferring tools and skills back to the client. Most engagements are completed within four to six months, and many clients continue to stay engaged with new or expanded project work.

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“Dr. Jim Karrh has amazing communication skills, great instincts, and rock solid business acumen. Impressive. Not unexpected. Jim has added value to our company as a trusted consultant for over 15 years. Edu, Inc. is a highly specialized national education research firm. Through repeat engagements Jim helped us clearly articulate our goals then create strategy, tactics, and measures. We continue to build on his recommendations which hold as Edu Inc. itself has grown and matured. Jim Karrh is a pleasure to work with. We strongly recommend him.”
Douglas Spencer, Edu Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Jim on a client project. He is both gracious and talented, a winning combination on a complex project with multiple stakeholders. He has an uncanny knack for understanding and synthesizing information, and then reframing that information in a way that catalyzes insight and understanding. An added bonus--he offers practical and actionable deliverables backed by academic rigor. I recommend him highly.”
Kathy Adams, Cognos Performance Consulting

“Jim has only been involved with our business for a few months. However, he is already delivering measurable results in promoting our marketing technology company. He is a consummate professional and deeply knowledgeable in the marketing and public relations field. He will help you be successful in promoting your product and service on any scale.”
Rod Ford, Founder and CEO, CognitiveDATA

“I've known scores of PR/Marketing professionals and experts and Jim is at the top of the list. He has always provided a reasoned, calm yet motivating voice in every situation. Bring him to the table and you have a solid and innovative plan.”
Amy Barnes, APR, University of Arkansas at Little Rock